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Circle Garden

I’ve begun a new series of works, all revolving around floral motifs.  The first in this “Garden Series” is Circle Garden.  In the next few blog posts, I will show a few pictures that show a little of the process involved.  I call these fabric collage, a form of painting with fabric, thread and embellishments.

Circle Garden 1CG4

CG22circle garden detail 2

These photos show my beginning process, from placement to embellishment.

Completed Circle Garden
Completed Circle Garden

DetailComposed mostly of silk fabrics up-cycled from blouses, ties and scarves found at local thrift stores and estate sales.  Shapes and colors are chosen, arranged, then fused to a background.  Hand embroidery and embellishing continue the process before the finished composition is mounted on a 12″ x 12″ x 1.5″ deep canvas.

This work was inspired by a similar Rex Ray design, an artist I greatly admire.  A group of 6 fiber artists rose to a challenge to each create a 12″ x 12″ work of fiber art with the common theme of CIRCLES.  This is my entry.

circle of friendsArtists from left to right, top to bottom:

Denise Spillane, Traci Hutton, Carolyn Skei, April Soncrant, Carol Regan, & Olga Brock

Our submission will be a part of the “Fiber Visions: Dallas Area Fiber Artists Brazos Gallery” exhibit at Richland Community College during the month of October.

FiberVisionsPostcardWe even made it on the postcard!  So excited!

I keep looking for my artistic voice.  Making fiber collage is leading me toward a good direction.  We’ll see how this develops.



I hemmed two pair of pants for my guy Sunday night, thinking that by getting out the sewing machine, I’d be inspired. Yeah, I’m inspired – to leave the mess I made right where it sits and move on to something else. I’m in the mood to create, but don’t want to clear a space to work and don’t want to clean up after myself. What a dilemma. I need a maid – a studio roadie. You know, a minion who follows behind me, the “Art Star”, and makes my environment perfect. This is an open position; volunteers only, need apply.

My side yard needs something. A couple of weeks ago my neighbor came over. He pulled down the vines growing on the fence, cut down saplings that had taken root, and mowed all the weeds. I need to get out there before the jungle returns. The plan is to hardscape the “lawn” areas, and add a few pots with herbs. I started chives, basil, and strawberries on my kitchen windowsill, and they are ready to re-pot.

Other outside projects waiting to be completed:

1. Power wash the front porch.

2. Add a touch of color to the front, something to brighten the area. Perhaps a begonia.

3. Do something about the mailbox, it is hanging funny.

4. Do something about the front gate, it is hanging funny, too.

5. Get rid of the lava rock path on the side yard and replace with stepping stones.

6. Decide whether to keep the dying mini-rose bush near the porch, or give it away. Perhaps my neighbor across the street could find a place for it. My front yard is too shady for it to flourish.

Inside projects:

1. Yikes!!! Where to start? Perhaps it is better to put these on “ignore” for the present since summer doesn’t last forever!

Family reunion this weekend, and Fathers Day. Art group meeting a week from Sunday. So little time to accomplish so much. Minion, oh minion . . . where are you?