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The wheels in my mind keep on turnin’

There’s been more than a little bit of brainstorming going on lately.  Stuff I will share with you as we go along . . . but let’s just say, I’m planning on changing things up quite a lot!  It involves taking my business up a level.  Offer more, take some risks.

I’m currently making samples for a fabric flower making class.  Had to modify the design to make them no-sew friendly.  The prototypes were HUGE!  The measurements seemed all worked out, but instead ended up as ginormous blooms.  Still tweaking the process, but they are turning out rather attractive.

Fort Worth’s Main Street art festival was this past weekend.  The weather was perfect, 70’s and low 80’s, only a tiny bit of rain.  The artists all seemed to be pumped and very busy!  So many new ideas and inspiring works on display.  If you have a chance to go to a local art fair, go!  Surrounding yourself with beautiful artwork will invigorate your senses and activate the desire to create.

FYI – Traci Hutton will be at Eliza’s Art In The Yard, April 18.  You may just find some fabric twine or wire-worked art pieces there, so check it out.


Late into the night

Sometimes, when my brain won’t shut down, I just have to make things.  I don’t always know where I’ll finish, but I do know that I enjoy the process.  So it is a quarter to 4:00 a.m. and the home fires are burning bright.  Things keep piling up and more ideas than time drift past.  Here is a peek, not finished projects, but a couple well on their way.

2015-02-06 03.19.55-12015-02-06 03.19.40-1


Above is a frame with a recess cut in the center, lined with scalloped muslin, and wire loops on the side.  The second image is of a heart with the piece it was cut from.  They will all show up again soon.  When I can think what else to do.

Below is the beginning of a quilt.  I started this in a class taught by Sue Benner (it looks nothing like her work, which is fantastic.)  It is far from finished, not even close.  The colors are more representative of my work.  Bright, full of pinks, purples, and oranges.


2015-02-06 03.20.22-1
11″ x 18″

Machine embroidery, beads and embellishments will further adorn this piece, currently comprised of tie silks and fancy dress fabrics.

This weekend I’ll celebrate three birthdays, two grandsons and a very dear friend.  It will be two crazy mixed up days and no time to sit quietly in my room and create.


Look out, the sewing machine has been plugged in!

First, I must give a shout out to Diana Pease, for the fabric and the desire to start sewing again. I made this cute apron with red, red heart pocket and jean waist band from a box of scraps picked up at Diana’s house yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re-used / recycled fabric
Re-used / recycled fabric and lace

I’ve been threatening to showcase some fabric creations and now that the machine is humming, watch out!

The Hearts Continue

The last few days have been quiet.  My love has the flu, so I am tip-toeing around, trying to work and be as noiseless as possible.  Here is what I’ve been able to do:

Confetti Jars
Confetti Jars with Heart Confetti

A couple of specially decorated spice jars filled with heart shaped confetti.  The confetti in the blue jar was punched from playing cards, the second one from sticker sheets.  These may never leave my shelves, as I can see so many uses for the cool shapes.

I found a stash of small old pimento jars and will be decorating them as well.

Tea Lights
Tea Lights

Found these great ceramic tea lights and fashioned the wire hangers/handles.  The irregular holders are very organic in design, and with their new handles, they are darling!  Again, I may have to keep a couple of these for myself.

I have been clearing off my desk top, making space for a sewing machine.  As soon as that is set up, plenty ‘o stitching will be goin’ on!  Join me here again tomorrow with the latest installment of the heart chronicles.

Another wire creation

Woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m.

Ideas swimming through my head.  One for a banner that I’ll have to dust off my sewing machine to finish.  Another for a display fixture I need to get pieces for.  I’ll take pics and show them both to you later.  For now, feast your eyes on this:

Straight Through The Heart
Straight Through The Heart

Lots of twisty wire, mat board, paper mache.

Now I will clean off my desk and set up the sewing machine, after a hot cup of coffee.  Thanks for looking!

p.s.  Notice the heart in the center?  It is from my day of paper mache making.  Watch for more of these hearts making their way into projects!

Ikea Christmas

I totally MISSED some great Ikea Christmas decorations this year.  We were at Ikea at least twice before the holiday, but either didn’t see them, or was in too much of a hurry to pay attention.  But today, we were there, and I did score on a couple of super reduced holiday items.


24 small bags
24 small bags

and these:

4 flat candelabra ornaments (white)
4 flat candelabra ornaments (white)

Not trying to brag about the discount, but 90% off!!!!!!!!  No kidding!  They were marked 75% off, but rang up at 90% off.  I wish I’d known.  I would have gotten a couple more of each.  I plan to use the bags at . . . . . FUNKY FINDS!

Oh my, did I forget to mention?  My application has been accepted to have a booth at Funky Finds Spring Fling, this  March 7 and 8, Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, Texas.

Check it out here:

I’ll be working hard, creating new arts and crafts.  I’ll also showcase some awesome vintage finds for sale.  At last I can tell the world what is going on.  The hearts I’ve posted on this site will be there.  My booth theme is “Heartstrings and Valentines.”  Yes, the lovers holiday will have passed by the time of the sale, but hearts are relevant year round, and also one of my favorite symbols.

Join me at Funky Finds Spring Fling and enjoy all the cool hearts, perhaps you will see one that has to go home with you!