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What’s been done in the last 3 years

In 2014 I wrote a blogpost about some of the things I planned to do to my yard:

My side yard needs something. A couple of weeks ago my neighbor came over. He pulled down the vines growing on the fence, cut down saplings that had taken root, and mowed all the weeds. I need to get out there before the jungle returns. The plan is to hardscape the “lawn” areas, and add a few pots with herbs. I started chives, basil, and strawberries on my kitchen windowsill, and they are ready to re-pot.
Other outside projects waiting to be completed:
1. Power wash the front porch.
2. Add a touch of color to the front, something to brighten the area. Perhaps a begonia.
3. Do something about the mailbox, it is hanging funny.
4. Do something about the front gate, it is hanging funny, too.
5. Get rid of the lava rock path on the side yard and replace with stepping stones.
6. Decide whether to keep the dying mini-rose bush near the porch, or give it away. Perhaps my neighbor across the street could find a place for it. My front yard is too shady for it to flourish.

So, what was done?  And what wasn’t?

raised beds (2)

The side yard now is home to a raised vegetable garden that has yielded a few cherry tomatoes and radishes.  Considering it was planted with several easy to grow veggies, this harvest was sad.  It is now time to clean out the beds and put them to sleep for the winter.  Next spring we will reassess the space and probably change out what to grow.  Also started were a couple of small storage sheds.  The first, a 2′ x 6′ space along the side of the house is almost finished, only lacking front doors and a side panel.  The partial shed has been used this summer to shelter a very successful potted herb garden.  With mint (tons, in fact), two types of basil, thyme, oregano, and parsley, my herb garden grows very well, thank you.  These will be planted again, and more.  The side yard is in full shade at least 90% of the time, so veggies just might not love it here.

front of house

The front porch was never power washed, but it was scrubbed down well with bleachy soap, necessary because of the green mossy stuff trying to grow on the concrete, as seen in the above photo.  I did plant a begonia – four, to be exact.  They have grown like crazy.  Also, all the bushes growing in front of the house were taken out and replaced with large pots filled with  plants.  A new mailbox was a birthday gift from my sweetie James. Caladium bulbs were planted, not seen in the above picture.  They are now taking over the sidewalk.  The hinges on the gate have been tightened, allowing it to swing more freely.

Most of the lava rock and small stones have been removed from the path and redirected to a dry bed, allowing better drainage from back yard to front.  The dying rose didn’t make it to the neighbors house, it gave up before I could get to it.

In back a new fence has been erected.  It is board-on-board, very durable and well constructed.  The second storage shed is also lacking just a door, but it is already being used to store a few building materials.  A rain barrel was added for watering the plants.  I feel so good about this effort to conserve a precious resource.  The barrel was another gift from sweet James.

We talk about moving to a bigger place, and we talk about staying here and making this house work for us.  It is very small for two adults with tons of stuff.  980 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, 1 car garage (used as a laundry room and for storage).  Our HOA does not allow parking on the street, so with 2 vehicles occupying the drive, no place for visitors to park.  The association also limits how creative we can be with outside decorating.  It is understandable, no one wants to live next door to a red and purple house, unless you have a restored Victorian in San Francisco.  My little conservative neighborhood is less flamboyant.  But I would like more color, and perhaps something interesting in front of the house, like a kinetic sculpture.

We have a lot to consider.  Much still needs to be done.  Right now I am concentrating on a couple of art-ish projects.  In October I will host the Banders meeting and our project will be a mini-pocket album. The kits are complete, the mock-ups done and the prototype looks great.  In November I head to Atlanta for Create III, Anna Griffin’s retreat.  For that I have joined a 6″ x 6″ swap, making 40 similar pages to include a selfie and short bio.  All the elements are complete, but assembly is required.

Time has flown and I have rambled enough, trying to make up for the long time between posts.  Comment, if you will.  Good night for now, and sweet dreams.