The wheels in my mind keep on turnin’

There’s been more than a little bit of brainstorming going on lately.  Stuff I will share with you as we go along . . . but let’s just say, I’m planning on changing things up quite a lot!  It involves taking my business up a level.  Offer more, take some risks.

I’m currently making samples for a fabric flower making class.  Had to modify the design to make them no-sew friendly.  The prototypes were HUGE!  The measurements seemed all worked out, but instead ended up as ginormous blooms.  Still tweaking the process, but they are turning out rather attractive.

Fort Worth’s Main Street art festival was this past weekend.  The weather was perfect, 70’s and low 80’s, only a tiny bit of rain.  The artists all seemed to be pumped and very busy!  So many new ideas and inspiring works on display.  If you have a chance to go to a local art fair, go!  Surrounding yourself with beautiful artwork will invigorate your senses and activate the desire to create.

FYI – Traci Hutton will be at Eliza’s Art In The Yard, April 18.  You may just find some fabric twine or wire-worked art pieces there, so check it out.


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