Yes, there is a refrigerator in my living room, please move on . . . .

I expect the A/C repairman to ring the front bell any minute.  He will come into my house and be confronted immediately by the refrigerator in the living room.  Oh my.  Well, at least it’s not an elephant – sort of.  It is big, it is grey (stainless), and it is definitely out of place.  At least no clean up is involved!  See, there is a silver lining.

Why, you may ask?  Because it does not fit in the kitchen.  In order to move it to the kitchen, we will have to take out the old fridge, remove a small cupboard with countertop and reconfigure that side of the room.  Scootch everything down toward the window, cut a new door on the opposite wall and re-tile.  We hoped to have all this done before the new refrigerator was delivered.  Then life happened, and we were distracted.

Just as things were coming together, I got let go from my job.

OOF!  That is the sound one makes when they have been sucker-punched.  Smile, wish everyone well, hug the boss goodbye.  Part as friends; brief co-workers on status of the work on my desk and walk away.  After all, it is probably best for everyone.  Other than not having an income.  Yup, that sucks.

Today is especially rainy and dreary.  Since I have to be home for the repairman, I’m looking for jobs online.  It’s scary out there!  My previous job of 16 years was great, and I loved it, I thought I would retire from there.  Then the company sold and I was on the job market for the first time in years. Next was a short term position, but that is now over.

My resume is awful and needs to be reworked.  It has been so long since I needed one, and all the rules seem to have changed.  Include everything, but keep it short.  Cover letter or not?  References, or upon request?  Include salary desired, or leave it open, so as not to be excluded from any possibilities?  I’m confused and plan to meet with a guy who is very good at writing resumes.  Until then I fill out application forms and plan for the best.

With the extra time spent at home, the elephant seems to be following me around.  It hums in my ear a song of dislocation.  “Home, home near the range, where the food and the dishes all play.  Where seldom is heard, a television word, and the cooking happens all day!”  This is why I don’t sing.  Or write lyrics.

On with the hunt.  If you hear of any opportunities, please pass them on.


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