Glitter Obsession

All my friends know that I have a GLITTER OBSESSION!!!!!!!!  Many may claim an obsession, but to be truly obsessed, one must OWN IT.

Any type or brand of glitter is fair game.  From chunky craft glitters to ultra-fine artist quality, I am equally intrigued by using this luscious media on art projects, or just gazing at the amazing collection of colors, shapes, and sizes in my stash.  Of course, I have all of the Martha Stewart Brand glitters, in both the 1.5 ounce glass jars and the convenient multi-color packs.  Additionally, glitter glue, tinsel, glass glitter, mica, leaf, and flakes all enjoy shelf space in my studio.  A glittered surface is like a million mini stars that are visible in the daylight, and in color.  Glitter makes me happy.  To quote myself, from USA Today, Pop Candy by Whitney Matheson:

If you could receive a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be?

Glitter, especially the Martha Stewart all-glass glitter from Germany. But U.S. Artquest glitters in any one of their hundreds of colors would do also. Suzie Sparkle makes lovely pearlized glitter. Opaque glitter, halo-graphic glitter, transparent — whatever. Not enough people recognize the importance of glitter. Second on the list would have to be sequins.”
April Soncrant, Dallas

Glitter accessories have not figured prominently in the overall stash, UNTIL my sweet friend Traci of Art-T-Dolls gifted me with this:

The Martha Stewart Glitter Tray and Rack (found here)

Many, many thanks Traci for a wonderful contribution to my Glitter Obsession.  Next up:  Sequins!



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